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At ukac.org.uk, the home of the UK Autograss Championships, we are committed to supporting and promoting the exciting world of Autograss racing. Our mission is to spread the love for this sport, strengthen the community, and provide valuable information and resources to anyone interested in Autograss.

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We are your gateway to everything related to Autograss racing. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or new to this thrilling discipline, ukac.org.uk offers you detailed race reports, technical insights, tips, and interviews with drivers and teams. We take pride in documenting and sharing the history and evolution of Autograss racing with our community.

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At ukac.org.uk, it’s all about our passionate Autograss community. We welcome racers, fans, and anyone curious about this sport. We encourage discussions, share the excitement of race weekends, and strive to create a sense of community that unites Autograss racing enthusiasts.

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Our dedication to the UK Autograss Championships is unwavering. We aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information, share inspiring stories of racers and teams, and support the growth of this sport. We want ukac.org.uk to be a source of inspiration and knowledge for all Autograss enthusiasts in the United Kingdom and beyond.

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