UK Action Committee

UK Action Committee

Social media is about entering into a conversation with a diverse group of people who could buy your product or service, refer you to a friend, or enjoy the content you put out there and be your customer in 5 years. Each business, whether it’s made up of one person or 1,000 people, has something special and immensely personal at the heart of it. You can take your business to the next level by unlocking the magic of social media and its power to connect your ideas, culture, and mission to a broader community.

Have you ever launched a product or service you thought would be wildly popular but wasn’t? Think about the time, energy, and expense you put into creating it, and how much you might have benefited from bouncing the idea off the right customers who could have pointed you in the right direction. Social media is a focus group that is tailored just for you and your company. As long as you nurture and reward your audience and followers, you will get their honest, and instant, feedback. Fantastic.

People love to give their opinions on things, especially when they feel like they aren’t obligated to give them. You can start by asking people on your social media page to weigh in on how they feel about an upcoming football game or popular TV show, among your other posts. Use fun and noncontroversial topics in the broader pop culture realm to look for questions. Then, get into the habit of offering a small reward for audience members who are willing to share their thoughts. Take it to the next level by asking a more controversial question and watching the comments spike—you need to do this carefully, though.

Can you recall an advertising campaign you launched long ago in the Yellow Pages (remember those?), or, more recently, on Google Adwords? Many business owners waste a ton of money on ineffective advertising until they finally hit on a strategy that works. Advertising can be more art than science, and it’s tricky to get it right. As your audience grows, posting your advertisements, features, and specials on social media can become a cheaper and easier option than advertising. You can advertise seasonal offers or something that is more regular. You can see in real time what flops and what resonates with your audience.

Remember loyalty card programs? They were a strategy companies used to stay top of mind every time their customers opened their wallets, as well as to collect information from people at checkout.

Your audience on social media can essentially function as a vast, ongoing customer loyalty program. When your customers are looking at their favorite social media platforms, they will be able to see your posts, have insider access to specials you post, and feel as if they are part of what you’re doing. Social media is a built-in customer loyalty program for your business. You can track who your super users are through your pages and understand the preferences of your customer without the cost of the loyalty program and all the badgering by sales representatives.

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